Adventures in shopping

Shopping on Black Friday is just psychotic. Even when you go at 11:30 that night.

I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday during the ‘normal shopping hours’ that everyone else went for two reasons. One, I had to work, and two, I just won’t do it.

Several years ago I went shopping on Black Friday in the first time in MANY years and found it to be an experience that I didn’t want to have repeated. The traffic, the people, the mess, the early morning haze. . .

I honestly don’t see how one can justify getting up and going shopping before you normally would go to work! Especially when you can get probably the same deals, if not better deals, online. Now I know that not everyone has that option, and I understand. But I’m sorry, I’ll wait till at least Saturday, or later in the day on Friday to go. But, then again, waiting till later Friday night to go was what I did (unwittingly).

I headed over to a friends place and we were going to go play poker on Friday night. As we were leaving, his wife handed us a list and a Wal-Mart flyer and said that she wrote down everything we needed to get. We looked at each other, then at her then hung our heads and headed out the door.

After being pulled over by a local cop and cited (5 day card) for a headlight out, we arrived in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart and our jaws dropped. The lot was STILL full at 10:00 at night. We snuck into a parking spot and headed into the battlefield known as the shopping floor.

We grabbed a cart (one of the few left) and started to battle our way through the crowd back to the toy and electronics department. WOW was it crowded.

We spent probably 15 minutes trying to get back there, then probably another 30 minutes looking in the 15 different places they have the videos at trying to find four distinct videos. We found all but one of them. We’ll mark that one as a score. Shoppers 1, BFriday 0

We then tried to locate the mp3 player that was in the add and had no luck, only to find out that it was sold out. Shoppers 1, BFriday 1

We decided to move on to the toy department. We picked our way through the carnage that is the toy department dodging empty boxes, discarded employees and torn apart packages. We found the Bratz isle and started to look for the item we were tasked with finding. We found probably 100 different versions of the item we were sent to get, but finally found the one we were looking for (hopefully). Score Shoppers 2, BFriday 1

We decided to go back to the electronics department since it was the next isle over and look for the High School Musical sound track. We must have searched for 20 minutes and couldn’t find it. It looks like BFriday won this one. Shoppers 2, BFriday 2

We moved back into the toy department and found the Leapster isle. We moved down finding remnants of the earlier shopping and found what we were looking for, sort of. We were looking for the regular Leapster and found the pink girls leapster. I looked at my friend and he said “No Way”. Uh oh, looks like BFriday is going to take this one. Shoppers 2, BFriday 3

We moved out and stopped at the video game section to see if they had any new games, saw the lines of swarming customers in front of the cases and decided not to get caught up in the waves of people there. BUT, as we were moving out away from it, we saw a half empty cart sitting next to several people. No one around it, but what we did see was a green boys Leapster sitting in the basket. I looked around, no one was manning the cart, I moved in, stealthily, then swiped the leapster and waited for someone to raise the alarm. Nothing, but my conscious started to get the better of me, so I asked around if anyone had this cart. No one said anything so it was fair game. SCORE, Shoppers 3, BFriday 2

We were moving up the aisle as we passed one of the kiosks that they have littered around the store with music and movies on it, we found the High School Musical CD we wanted. And not only that, it was the special edition CD sets. Bonus. Shoppers 4, BFriday 1

We then moved towards the check out counter. Oh boy. . . probably about 8 registers open and about 80 people in line. This was going to be a LOOOOONG wait.

We spent probably longer in line waiting to check out then we did shopping. But once we were able to get through the check out line, pay for what we got, we managed to escape the store with most of our sanity in check.

All of that said, again, I don’t like shopping on Black Friday and if I can help it, it will be many moons before doing it again.


~ by Normanomicon on November 26, 2007.

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  1. Dude you should have handed the list back and taken her to a computer and loaded Amazon and/or Toys’R’Us as nothing is EVER discounted enough to make it worth going to a store on Black Friday.Oh and Walmart is ALWAYS insane at any busy shopping time. We were doing calendars as gifts one year and ran out of ink at 1am on the day before Christmas eve. I ran to Walmart to get ink cartridges and ended up waiting in line to check out for an hour and a half. It was absolutely insane. Like who the hell does holiday shopping at 1am, much less enough people to pack a Walmart.

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