Apple Store Visit

I visited the Apple Store in Tysons Corner Mall tonight.

It happens to be the 'First' Apple Retail Store.

It was your typical Apple store with the staff wearing Christmas
themed shirts. They were still the normal shirt colors, but had a
Holiday saying.

The staff was helpfull and seemed to pay attention to what I was
asking instead of the usual 'customer service' rep at a run of the
mill store.

They had the usual faire but it just seemed 'empty' to me. Guess I'm
just used to mall stores being packed with junk.

Overall the actual visit was pleasant, and I can mark another Apple
store off of the list.

I'll post about my trip there and back when I get back to the hotel.
I'm sitting in an Irish Pub right now, i'll post more about that later
as well.


~ by Normanomicon on December 2, 2008.

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