Dead On Tools

I’ve seen these tools and gear a few times before and was interested in checking them out and seeing how they work.

The company was founded on the principle that even serious tools can be fun.

I picked one up when I was working on my dad’s place and I LOVE the one I picked up.

I got the Annihilator. It’s primary use is as a demolition tool, but it can be used in other functions.

It did what I needed it to do and felt nice in my hands. It was comfortable and it just looks threatening. I’d imagine that a cop could mistake it for a weapon, but let’s just hope I never put that one to the test. (Although, it probably could work as a heck of a zombie killer).

From the web site:
“At Dead On, we see the dysfunctional utility bars being sold today, and we can’t sit back and leave well enough alone. That’s why we had to come to the rescue and create the baddest, meanest utility bar EVER. The Annihilator will make short work of the most difficult jobs!”

Description from the site:

  • Demolition Hammer Use for breaking down hard surfaces, as well as other general hammer uses
  • Includes Dead On® bottle opener
  • Nail Puller/Tile Ripper Pull nails and get underneath tile to rip up tile
  • Board Straightener Adjusts board into proper positions before tacking. Use on standard board sizes
  • Demolition Axe Rip through dry wall, wood slots,shingles and strip conduit
  • Precision Balance Our overall weight-to-length ratio creates the same perfect “balance”
  • Multi Purpose Wrench/Nail Puller Use this wrench for releasing concrete forms and other general uses
  • Chisel Smash, crack and chip away at tile, brick or other pry bar uses
  • Scoring point

Other tools in their arsenal include;

  • Death Stick Hammers
  • Dead On Hammers
  • Finisher Hammers
  • Drywall Hammer
  • Shingle Hammer
  • Graphite Hammer
  • Exhumers (Nail Pullers)
  • Wrecking Bars
  • Pry Bars
  • Ripping Bars
  • Tape Measures
  • Framing Hammers
  • California Special Hammers
  • Deck Master Hammers
  • Eagle Finishers
  • Replacement Hammers

They also have;

  • t-shirts
  • shop shirts
  • sweat shirts
  • jackets
  • jerseys
  • baseball caps
  • beenies
  • safety glasses
  • gloves
  • work wear (tool bags, parts organizers, bucket bags, organizers, briefcases, tool rigs, cell phone holders, cooler/lunch bags, suspenders, knee pads and a professional line of rigs, bags and pads)

Needles to say, I’m going to be picking up a few more of their tools and gear. AND right now, there’s 50% off everything in the store. Use the promo code HALFOFFF when you checkout.


~ by Normanomicon on January 19, 2009.

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