Sherry called before she left work and asked if I’d make dinner tonight.  She had pulled some turkey chorzio out this morning before she left for work so it was defrosted by the time I started diner.

I pulled out some stir fry vegetables and cooked up some brown rice.

Made the stir fry veggies in the wok and added some extra spices and onions, then mixed in the chorzio.  I added some 0 calorie liquid sugar to the brown rice and made sweet rice, which I think offset the heat portion of the chorzio and spices I put in.

Once it was done, we put the chorzio stir fry over the rice and it was GREAT.  I know I’ve had chorzio before, but I can’t remember how I had it, but I am looking forward to making this again in the future.

~ by Normanomicon on December 9, 2009.

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