Here’s the deal.

You go into a game store.

You find a game that you’re interested in, it’s still fairly new but you find one in the used games rack.  The original price of a new game is $54.99.  The price on the used game is $49.99.  Which one do you buy?  The more important questions is WHY would you buy the used game for $49.99 when for $5.00 more you can get a new game?

I don’t understand why someone would pay short of $5.00 for a used game when a new one is sitting right there…

Don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but…

Anywho, here’s the deal, do me a favor and take this short little survey for me so I can get an idea on what people are thinking.


~ by Normanomicon on December 29, 2009.

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