A week or two ago, I saw this posting about the MTEKWeapons FAST G3A Face shield.

I thought, yeah, that’s pretty cool.  I wanted to get around to posting about it because it’s something that I think would be super for the troops in battle zones to help protect against shrapnel, etc.  But after seeing this video, the team over at MTEKWeapons need to be put in for some kind of award.  This is the absolute next best thing since body armor and kevlar helmets.  All they were really trying to do was protect the face and head from possible shrapnel, but they did such a good job that they ended up making the thing dang near bullet proof.

If the fed gov would want to actually provide one of these for every troop in a combat zone, once it’s been thoroughly tested and proven, I actually wouldn’t mind a couple extra cents taken out of each pay check to provide one for a soldier.  But, I have a feeling that if the troops want one, they’ll have to pick up the tab themselves.

Either way, thank you MTEK Weapons for supporting the troops in the best way you know how.


~ by Normanomicon on January 31, 2010.

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