MCS Kubaton After Action Report and Commentary

Sunday evening I attended the MCS Kubaton class in New Freedom, PA.

I received a certificate for completing this course.  Now, you might say oooo a certificate.  But, I received a lot more than just a piece of  paper.  I received knowledge.  That knowledge and understanding that I received is going to be better than any ‘tool’ or piece of paper that I could ever receive.  The knowledge and understanding was that in ANY situation, no matter how ‘bleak’, no matter how many people I’m up against, no matter what the circumstances, there’s always something that can be done, there’s always that one extra little piece of information that I didn’t have before.

When I signed up for this class, I wasn’t quite sure what exactly to expect.  What I didn’t expect, was what I got.  We started by an introduction of each of ourselves, how old we were, how we knew George, etc.  We then moved into the theory portion of the course.

The theory portion contained;

  • Combative fundamentals
  • The need
  • Our Personal Protection Program
    • Questions designed to make us think of our own protection program
  • Defining the mindset, training, tools and transparency
  • The Three “A’s” of safety
    • Awareness
    • Avoidance
    • Aggression
  • Combative Anatomy
  • The Law of Extension
  • Selection of the palm stick
  • Carry options for the palm stick
  • Use of the Kubaton or Palm Stick (includes the stylus)
  • Strikes, Rips, Hooks, Pinches

And one of the more important aspects of the entire class is the Post Incident Survival.

George is not an attorney, he has many different training disciplines under his belt, but an attorney he is not.  The information he gives is drawn from his experience and the information that he has learned over the years from friends, colleagues and the information that he learns from being well read.

The overall length of the class was four hours and I’d say at least one and a half to two hours of that was theory mixed with some demonstration on his ‘crash test partner’ John.  He also chose from different students within the class to demonstrate some of the less ‘painful’ aspects of the things he was explaining.

George is an excellent instructor and knows that the mind can only handle as much information as the butt can handle.  🙂

He has an incredible sense of warped humor and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is.  He draws from experience that WORKS.  Plain and simple.  He has studied many different forms of combat and defense and provides what does work.  He’s not a “do this, then this, then this” type of instructor.  He’s the type that tells you how it works for him, how it is suggested to be done, but in the end he states clearly to do what comes natural.  If it’s not natural in training, it won’t happen in real life.

The second half of the class was the practical part.  He started with the open hand and how easy an incident can be defused by awareness and being able to move the correct way.  The way he described the moves worked if you were 13 years old (there were 3 of them), a police officer (yes, there was at least one), a soldier (again, there were soldiers) or a housewife, computer geek, physically fit or out of shape.  It doesn’t take a lot to use the body and a little bit of leverage to make things happen.

After the open handed demo and practice, he showed us how to do each of the grabs, swipes, pinches, etc.  He was VERY specific about how ‘hard core’ you need to be as a civilian (you do NOT need to be hard core, just need to buy enough time to get away) and how to react to a situation if you are by yourself or if you are in ‘bodyguard’ mode.  (Bodyguard mode is when you are with your family and will be protecting them, not just yourself).

George even gave us the opportunities to ‘experience’ a strike as you can see by the picture of me getting the open handed beat down by George.  (I’m on the left).

A little about George and MCS:

George Matheis retired in 2007 after nearly two decades of civilian and military law enforcement.
He is the founder of Modern Combative Systems LLC.MCS provides training to civilians, military and law enforcement.
During his career George attended in excess of 40 specialized courses in the areas of firearms, defensive tactics, officer survival, crisis negotiations and edged weapons becoming an instructor in several of these areas.
This was in addition of training in several traditional martial art disciplines.

Modern Combatives System (MCS) is based on the belief that self defense training needs to be based on defending against the ways you are most likely going to be attacked and counter attacking in such a way that makes it hard for your attacker to defend.
Most spontaneous attacks whether they are with an open hand, stick knife or gun will require you to respond initially with your open hands. That is the cold hard truth. At best you will have a pen or flashlight in your hand. But that is OK, because in Modern Combatives System we believe that there are only two types of weapons when you get down to it. Edged and impact. And since a pen or flashlight does not have an edge you strike with it.

One of Georges partners in crime is John Pavoncello.

John is a veteran newspaper photojournalist, currently working as a staff photographer in York, PA.  He is the ‘combat’ photographer for Georges events.  He does have a freelance photography shop and judging by the photos on his primary site he is very well versed in multiple environments and subjects.

John’s sites can be found here;

JP2009 – Well established site

Pho-Tac – Tactical photography site (currently in the construction stages).

George Matheis’s sites can be found here;

Modern Combative Systems

Modern Combative Systems Blog

Keep an eye out for Georges / MCS classes coming up, he teaches everyone from the 13 year old right up to the special operations teams in the field.  He knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to put his knowledge to the test.  I’ll definitely be taking additional classes with him as time/money permit.

And now for the thing that most of you have been waiting for…the picture of me getting a smack down.  🙂

The things I do for my blog readers…

Now, wait…let me explain something before you fully get a good look at this picture.  Yes, I had head protection on.  Yes, he pulled his strike, yes, I was expecting it, YES, I felt like I got hit with a baseball bat from a major league hitter.

I grabbed his shirt and the last thing I thought before hitting the ground and looking up was “I know it’s coming, I hope it doesn’t hurt that much”.  I saw a bright flash, felt something against the side of my head and when I realized what was going on, I was looking up from the floor.  It would have been enough time for him to get his family or himself out of the threat zone and into a safer area.

This was an open hand.  This was half strength ( I don’t know for sure, but I know he pulled it).  It’s a move that even an infant does when startled.  It’s a SLAP.  And it put me down like a sack of potatoes.  It also put one of the soldiers that was there down just as quickly.  George’s techniques just WORK.  Plain and simple.

If you want an incling of what it felt like, take your open hand and smack the side of your head.  It doesn’t even have to be that hard.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you realized you may have done it too hard understand that you probably barely touched yourself.  The brain is very susceptible to motion.  Once the brain bucket (aka the skull) stops moving, the brain actually keeps moving.  It sloshes forward within the cerebral fluid bumping against the inside of the skull.  The flash you may have seen is actually the nerve receptors going off.  But, this is enough of the science, if you want science, watch the Discovery Channel.  🙂

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