Minister of Difference Engine Monikers…

A few days ago I entered a contest over at The Secret Lair to name Overlord Johnson’s new Laptop;

In an effort to understand the fleeting whims and dark designs that comprise the mind of Overlord Miller, I have recently acquired aMacBook. It is my hope that, by using this so-called “computer”, I will one day gain insight into Chris’ drives and desires and thus engender an atmosphere of synergistic harmony and cooperation here at The Secret Lair and perhaps help break down the artificial “Us Versus Them” mentality that is so pervasive among Mac and Windows users.1 I also felt that owning a Mac would give me license to be a pretentious, self-indulgent windbag.2

He was looking for two names.  One name was to be for his Snow Leopard partition and the other for the Windows 7 partition.  He got a lot of good names for them, but to my surprise, he actually picked my names.

He took a little creative freedom with them and since he didn’t actually announce the names or the winner yet, I’ll leave that for him to reveal.  I’ll be posting a link tomorrow night to the actual announcement, so you’re going to have to either watch his site or revisit my site tomorrow night for the reveal.

Now, you may ask, big deal, so he’s using the names you suggested.  Ahhh, but it get’s better.  Not only does my inspiration live on in his laptop partitions, but, he also gave a nice ‘suite’ of prizes.  They are as follows;

  • An official TSL title: Minister of Difference Engine Monikers.5
  • An official TSL avatar, created by our Secretary of Artistic Propaganda, Natalie Metzger.
  • $25 eGift Card to Powell’s Books.

Please show the team over at The Secret Lair, Powell’s Books and The Fuzzy Slug (Natalie Metzger’s site) some love and visit their sites.  Remember, tune in tomorrow night for the announcement, or head over to The Secret Lair tomorrow morning for the reveal.

Thanks go out to the team at The Secret Lair for the great prizes.


~ by Normanomicon on March 4, 2010.

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