Over at Modern Combative Systems, George posted an article on The Reality and Deadliness of Stalking.

Jennifer Paulson did everything within her power to protect herself from Jed Waits. She filed harassment charges in Pierce County Washington. She stopped staying at her house in an attempt to avoid Waits. Three days after he was arrested, he was out of jail and Jennifer lay dead in front of Tacoma elementary school where she was a special education teacher.

This is really a good article and everyone should take note of the message here.  We need to be accountable for our own safety as the law enforcement community will not always be there.  It’s also something that one should note that even if/when law enforcement is there, the system may fail us at some point in time.

I’m currently trying to set up an interview with George to get his thoughts while he was writing the article and maybe some suggestions.  He leaves the article almost asking more questions than one had at the start of it.  I’m just curious if he’s going to be writing a follow up on this or if it’s just something to get us all thinking.


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  1. I’d be happy if PA would change its state law RE: restraining orders. When the PA court issues a restraining order in domestic abuse allegation cases, the order is issued to BOTH parties. So, if wife can also be arrested for being within x ft (or whatever) of her abusive spouse — even if she is in her OWN HOME and he is standing on the front porch, banging on the door. So gee, the wife gets arrested, hauled off to jail until it gets sorted out (and so many times it’s a he said/she said thing with no evidence….how many times do you think she’s going to call the police again when she sees the abuser in her vicinity? And, how is the woman going to start over again (as in find a job, new apartment, etc) if she has a police record of any sort? And if she gets a gun, it doesn’t mean that she can protect her kids (or any other loved ones 24/7…the abuser will find a way to get to her loved ones, to hurt her..)

    It also doesn’t help that society still blames the victim – why did you stay with him, why did you get involved with him… doesn’t help empower the victim to recover and rebuild… and if children are involved, the parental rights (of the abuser) can also factor in. (It’s ok if he beats the H out of the mother, he still has the right to see his kids…and just how does the mother arrange that without seeing the abuser?). And then you have the unreported cases of police officers (or other law-enforcement types) who abuse their spouses…what recourse do those spouses have? not much when the Powers-that-Be are going to protect the abuser and the abuser already comes home with a gun?

    I’d rather see $$ go towards teaching children (esp. pre-teen and teenage males) that it is NEVER EVER ok to hit (a girl) and better stress/anger management techniques. AND, if you do see somebody hitting/verbally attacking somebody else, what to do about it. nip the stuff in the bud before they grow up thinking it’s perfectly ok to beat your wife. Self-defense is one thing – but violence just creates a cycle of violence.

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