Pet Vision


I can see this going several ways.

Police and law enforcement using these or something similar to these on police animals.  Great chase down footage.  Drug dogs having them to help the handlers, rescue animals using them and giving the other team members a better look at a situation.

I can also see this in the criminal aspect, a new form of ‘peeping tom’ cases cropping up involving pets.  Now the ‘peeper’ can peep from the comfort of their own home.  Sneaking a small animal into a house to scope it out, using animals in a combat environment for intel.  Actually, the intel piece in military situations could go both ways.

I also see these being used as a therapeutic device, giving children that are bed ridden, or adults that are bed ridden a view that they would never again see.

I guess with all things, they could be good or bad depending on the application.

Seen over at Yanko Design;

Pet Vision isn’t the only device touted to record everything your pet sees but it’s small, compact, and actually looks decent compared to some of the monsters on the market. The integrated camera sends live video or intermittent photos to your computer so you can see what poochie and… what do they generically call cats, kitties?… so you can see what kitty are doing. It was originally created to help disabled people keep an eye on their pet but anyone could enjoy it. I plan on raising a cat army equipped with such devices. All shall bow down to me.


~ by Normanomicon on March 31, 2010.

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