13 Things

The Art of Manliness is an interesting site.  It brings back the times when being a man really meant something.  The site goes into a lot of different topics ranging from taking care of business to taking care of family.

This article happens to cover the 13 things that you should probably keep in your car.  I agree on every one of them, but I also think there are a few other things that should go in there.  These things are also mentioned in the comments below the article.

What are your thoughts on what should be kept in the car?  Or just as good, what are some things to keep on your motorcycle?  Let me know in the comments.

Read the whole article over at The Art Of Manliness;

Many of you will be hitting the road this holiday season to visit family, so I consulted my dad, Tom McKay, and asked him what supplies he thinks every man should keep in his car. Here’s his suggested list.


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