Bacon Of The Month…

Yeah, I’m a HUGE bacon fan.

Yeah, I’d eat it all day long if I knew I wouldn’t suffer the consequences.

Yea, I’d love to get in on the Bacon Of The Month club, but…

I do have to warn you though, for the prices they advertise?  I could have bacon 3 times a day for months for what they want for a years worth of  bacon.  I don’t know exactly how much bacon you get every month, but I can almost guarantee that it’s not all that much.  I do have to say though, if I did have the extra cash to ‘flush’, I’d be signing up right away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re GREAT, but I just can’t get over the price.

They do have other items for sale on their page though, so head on over to the Grateful Palate and check them out.  It’s definitely an oinkin good time.  🙂

~ by Normanomicon on April 26, 2010.

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  1. yo what is your facebook name?

    [Editors Note]
    Apparently, someone didn’t check out the “how to get a hold of me” section…

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