New Weapon

In the fight against the disorganized.

Saw this over at Yanko Design, hope it actually get’s made, even if it’ll be a ridiculous price and most likely WAY out there on the geek scale.  Of course, I’m way out there on the geek scale.  🙂

Post-It Apocalyptic

Got an idea that you know will just kill at your next office meeting? Show them all how deadly serious you are about it with this new Office Assault: Post-It Gun. Never get caught on the draw(ing) again with this ultimate memo machine gun. Designed for those of you that are big on ideas and short on patience, the Office Assault: Post-It Gun will keep shooting blank pages like Tony Montana introducing you to his little friend. Designer Alex Marshall has rendered two color variations for your enjoyment: High Contrast and Steampunk. He is also the person you should send any design notes too. Don’t shoot the messengers.

Designer: Alex Marshall


~ by Normanomicon on April 26, 2010.

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