Tactical to Practical – Ammo Can

I know this isn’t as ‘tactical’ as it is military surplus, but I think it deserves a mention here anyhow.

I’ve used an ammo can for many many years, I find them to be just the right thing for many different uses, tool box, junk box, secure storage, ammo case (imagine that, storing ammo in an ammo can).

If you get a good one, it’s waterproof, can be affixed with a lock on it and it’s clearly marked originally with all of the proper markings for ammunition.

I use mostly the 50 caliber ammo tins for storing my ammo in, usually keep several per caliber.  let me tell you, they end up turning into a HUGE pile of boxes, but it does keep my ammo separated and safe, not to mention when I go to the range or off to the mountains to blast away, it’s easy to identify and carry what I’m looking for.

You can get a decent one for around $5-10 and can get them everywhere from flea markets to online retailers and big name sporting goods stores.

I use these over the plastic ones because, well, it’s metal.  How much more secure can you make something with metal then you can with plastic???

I’ve run over one with my truck, had one dropped down two flights of stairs, kicked it, banged it with a hammer, you name it, it took the beating and came back fighting.

They’re easy to re-label, a bit of OD green spray paint and either some peel and stick lettering or a bit of paint and a few seconds and you’ve got exactly what you have marked on the side of the box.

Instead of paying big bucks for some plastic piece of junk, I’ll use what’s carried ammo for years, the steel ammo can.

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