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There’s a new feature in’s Kindle 2.5 software.  Apparently, when you highlight something within text, it not only keeps track of what you highlight, it also suggests other sections of books that people higlighted as well as suggest what you highlighted to other people.

When you open a book, the “Popular Highlights” are given to you in a new book that other people have highlighted.  One has to wonder, what exactly does happen or how exactly is that tracked?  Does your account get ‘credited’ for highlighting something?  Is that data safe from agencies that want to see what you highlight? Is is subjected to special searches, or given to ad agencies to ‘target’ you for ads?

I don’t know exactly how I feel about this one, I mean, yes, it’s definitely a nice feature that’s available, but it also allows for invasion of privacy.  You can turn it off, but by default, it’s turned on and it’s not widely publiscized. I know I’m going to be keeping track of the Amazon Kindle Reader software that I’m sing on the Mac, iPhone and PC as well as the iPad if/when I get one.  How bout you?

Read the whole story over at GottaBeMobile;

Good news, bad news bubbling up over a new feature in the Kindle 2.5 software. Good news is your Kindle backs up your notes and highlights to Amazon’s servers. Bad news is Amazon analyzes that data – your data – to suggest passages to others.


~ by Normanomicon on May 12, 2010.

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