Well, we headed to Borders Books today because we had Borders Bucks as well as a gift card for free coffee and 33% off coupon.  We decided what the hey, we’d stop at Borders, swing over to Cold Stone Creamery for my birthday desert and head back home and relax.

Boy did I luck out.  I picked up two Manga comics and a new book for my son and I’ve still got Borders Bucks left over.

I decided for the first time, since I had Borders Bucks (basically free money) and they were really cheap, I’d pick them up.  If I didn’t like them, no big deal.  I do like Anime, so I took the chance.

The two that I picked up were ones that were on sale to begin with, they are;

The original price on these are $9.99 each, but like I said, I lucked out and picked them up for $1.00 each!

Again, great catch.  I started to read each of them and I’m almost halfway through both of them.  (yes, I end up reading some of one, then move to another, I’m sort of ADD like that). Don’t know if I’d pay $10 for them, but I’ll keep a watch out to see if I can pick them up cheaper.  I know Amazon usually has a lot of great stuff in the buy used and new section, the only problem is usually I end up paying more for the shipping than the books themselves.  😦  Either way, I think I’ll start following these two series.

They are Tokyopop books and are definitely true Manga.  They read like the original Manga from back to front, right to left, top to bottom.  It takes some getting used to, but once you do, it flows pretty good.

If you find them for a decent price somewhere, I’d suggest picking them up.  It’s a good buy.


~ by Normanomicon on May 23, 2010.

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