How to diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi slow-downs

Over at Macworld, they have presented a pretty good technical walk through of how to diagnose and resolve wi-fi issues.

I read down through it and can say that I’m pretty impressed at some of the things they presented. It’s one of the better troubleshooting articles out there.

Thanks Macworld and Glenn Fleischman for another well thought out and informative article.

Speed up your wireless network

How to diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi slow-downs

The most common reason for an underperforming wireless network is interference, which can crop up when competing wireless signals disrupt the transmission of data on your network. Interference means bits have to be resent or sent at a slower speed. It can also mean that network throughput drops to zero or that devices lose their connections to your base station. Here’s how to find out what might be interfering with your wireless net and then to make sure you’re getting the highest rates you can.


~ by Normanomicon on May 26, 2010.

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