Monster Hunter Vendetta


Monster Hunter Vendetta is NOW out in Early Electronic Advanced Reader form.  It’s not yet available through, but you can pre-order the regular release here;

Monster Hunter Vendetta on Pre-Order

Sequel to Monster Hunter International. Owen Pitt never met a gun he didn’t like or a monster he couldn’t shoot. But now, the monsters are shooting back.

You can pick up the E-ARC of the book over at under the BAEN section.  It’s unfortunatley $15.00 US, but you get to read it before anyone else does. I don’t know if I’m THAT much of a book worm that I want to read it before anyone else, but either now or when it’s released to the general populace, I’ll definitely be picking it up.

I’ll let y’all know when I get it.  The first book in the series Monster Hunter International was great and I finished it in less than a weekend.  Probably going to be the same with this one.

You can pick up Larry’s first book here;

Monster Hunter International – Larry Correia – $7.99 US on


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