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Ok, I know it’s been a while since I did a Tactical to Practical, I apologize, I’ll try and be better.  I know it was supposed to be every week, but I think I’d run out of stuff WAY to quickly if I did that.  So I’m not going to say how often I’ll post one, but it’ll be at least once a month.  Ok?

Anywho, now on to todays T2P item.

The Drop Leg Platform.

Usually, when someone thinks of a drop leg platform (if they even think of anything at all), they visualize either a gas mask carrier, weapon holster, magazine holder, med kit, something along those lines.  This is in fact designed for that purpose, but I have found a practical way of using it.

When I’m backpacking or hiking, I attach this to my belt, strap it around my legs and in the three pouches that I have on it I place my iPhone, my camera, knife, map pen/pencil/sharpie, camera lens cleaner, sunglasses, flashlight, etc.  It all fits very nicely.  It rides smooth, doesn’t hinder me in any way, rides close to the body, provides quick and easy access to the things that I’ll be using quickly as well as keeping the devices secure and in place.

As far as I’m able to tell, there’s no similar civilian article that accomplishes the same thing.  Yeah, I look like I’m getting ready to go on a raid, but 4 people (other than the people I hiked with) in the past has stated that they’re going to have to pick it up as it does the perfect job of keeping stuff handy.

I picked it up for around $15.00 online (it was a ‘blow out’ deal) and shipping was next to nothing (since I got it with a few other items) and I find it works perfect.  In the pictures below you will see it strapped on me as well as a product picture of the same item.

I have shown the individual pieces of the combo separate so you can see it a little better.

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  1. This is also a great idea. I have been wondering for a long time when civilians would smarten up and do something like this. Most people don’t think about this kind of thing they just buy their crap at ems or rei and go about life not knowing that there are more practical ways of doing things.

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