Deconstructing Darth

I didn’t know this before, but apparently, there’s a group of French psyhologists that provide vaguely pointless dianosis to fictional characters.

This time they’re focusing on Dart Vader/Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars Series.

They say that he may suffer from boerderline personality disorder.

Head on over to Geeks Are Sexy and see the whole thing.

Following a long tradition of providing vaguely pointless diagnosis to fictional characters, a group of French psychologists have determined that Anakin Skywalker may have suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder – which is, according to the DSM, “a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image and affects, as well as marked impulsivity, beginning by early adulthood.”


~ by Normanomicon on June 8, 2010.

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