Skynet is coming…

Over at, a concept police vehicle is reviewed.

I haven’t seen specifications on the vehicle itself, but here’s the basic gist.

In Terminator Salvation, there were these autonomous motorcycles that would chase someone down and eliminate them.  Ok, now go backwards in time from there, it’s today, you’re speeding down the highway when all of a sudden you fly past a cop going around 20-30 miles over the speed limit.

DANG, you think, but as you keep pulling away, you notice he doesn’t pull out.  PHEW, you made it out of that one.  Wait, what’s that in the rearview coming up on you like a bat out of hell?  It’s the new Scarab1 police interceptor autonomous motorcycle that will at first politely try and get you to pull over.  You think, hey it’s just a piece of junk, forget it.  As you try to pull away, all of a sudden, you notice a little flash in the rear view mirror and all of a sudden, your vehicle is now a large paperweight due to the directional EMP weapon that the bike employs.

Yeah, that’s taking it to the extreme outer limits of the capabilities right now (but not the too distant future), but that’s what the designer would like to see.  As states, how long before it’s some politicians idea to mount a pair of 20mm guns on the fenders.

Overall, this is a good idea, as it’ll cut down on the amount of officers that it would pull out of harms way, but it’ll be put to use in the wrong sense.  This can turn out VERY bad.

Head on over to and read the whole article:

Unlike a Terminator, when the Scarab catches up with you, it isn’t going to mash your skull into paste between its hands. Rather, the Scarab is programmed only to attempt to peacefully convince suspects to pull over to the side of a road. Down the road, though, the designer thinks it’ll use electromagnetic pulse or signal jamming equipment to literally turn a car’s engines off.


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