Malicious Entities on your computer

What do you think of when someone says any of the following;

  • There’s a virus on my computer.
  • I’ve been infected with a worm.
  • I got hit with a Trojan
  • I think I’ve got malware on my computer.
  • My data’s being held ransom

Well, if you’re a little confused about what each of these are, or what they mean, fear not.  I’ve done a few articles in the past about some of these and in a past incarnation of my site, I’ve got a page dedicated to what these are and how to either avoid or eradicate them.  (I’ve got to resurect that page for this site).

Well, Lifehacker has done a pretty good job of summing up what each of those and more are.  The topics they cover are:

  • What is Malware?
  • Spyware Steals Your Information
  • Scareware Holds Your PC for Ransom
  • Trojan Horses Install a Backdoor
  • Worms Infect Through the Network

There are a myriad of other things out there that you need to worry about though, so don’t take this as the sole gospel.  Do a little research on your own, don’t take any one source as the end all be all of security.

Overall though Lifehacker goes through each of those topics and does a very good job of describing them.

Head on over and take a look whether you’re a computer newbie or a dedicated geek like me, it’ll do you some good:

Lifehacker’s tech-savvy readers are the first people on speed-dial when it’s time to heal an infected PC, but how much do you really know about viruses, spyware, scareware, trojans, and worms? Here’s a helpful guide to understanding all the different types of malware.

The point of today’s lesson, of course, is to help you teach your friends and family more about the different types of malware, and debunk a few of the common myths about viruses. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two as well.

~ by Normanomicon on June 10, 2010.

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