Add a USB Power Outlet to Your Car

With the advent of all the new devices out there today (iPod, iPad, phones, toys, video devices, etc) using a USB connector for power, it only makes sense for auto manufacturers would start to produce vehicles with built in USB docks to provide power.

As it stands, you need to use the ‘power port’ or ‘cigarette lighter’ port (but that’s not PC anymore) as the junction, then connecting an additional cable between.

Well, user rosenberger31 on Instructables has already done this.  it’s not the most professional piece of work, but it looks pretty darn good.  head on over and check it 0ut.

Given the bulky nature of 12volt adapters for vehicles, I decided to integrate a USB power outlet in my 2010 Prius III. Although this mod is specific to my car, it can be applied to many cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, ect.


~ by Normanomicon on June 11, 2010.

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