The Death of Time…

I’m sorry all, I’m dealing with a loss today.

At 1328 today, I mourn the passing of one of my favorite time pieces.

I was on my way into the server room and accidentally bumped (yes, bumped, not slammed, etc) my wrist on the door handle.  I heard the distinct crush of glass, looked down and found the crystal on my watch shattered.

Unfortunately, work won’t re-imburse me for the cost of it (even though over the years here I’ve ruined untold numbers of pants, shirts, ties, shoes, etc in the line of duty).

Fortunately, I only paid about $10.00 for the watch and I think the place I got it has another one.  I’ll have to swing through and double check.  Cause this will definitely be cheaper than getting another crystal for it.


~ by Normanomicon on June 14, 2010.

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  1. I’m in the same boat. The little knob that sets the time broke off of my favorite watch a couple months ago. As a result, I wasn’t able to change it over to Daylight Savings Time. It still works fine, but he’s only useful half the year.

    The real bummer is that I got loads of compliments on it…even though I bought it at Target for something like twenty dollars.

    “Wow, that’s a nice watch!”

    Thank you. It’s an Armitron.


    • Yeah. It’s a Geneva, really cool, waterproof, etc. I picked it up on clearance at Gander Mountain when I was going camping last year cause I wanted a watch that I wouldn’t be too concerned about.

      Turns out it’s one of my favorites. 😦

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