Moleskine Kindle Cover

Now THIS is something I’d pay the extra bucks for.  Before the iPad came along, I was dead set on picking up a Kindle.  I loved having all of the books in one place along with me.  I loved the idea that I could get new books instantly.  And if I do ever get a Kindle, I can almost guarantee that I’ll be picking one of these up for it.

I can also see how this would be HUGE in learning institutions (high-school, college, grad school, etc).

Hmmm, this also gives me an idea.  I’ve got a few larger Moleskine books laying around (generic brand moleskine knockoff’s I got CHEAP).  I may just have to do a hack of my own and come up with something like this.  I’m thinking either the lower half or right half of the book is the spot to keep the iPhone, then the rest is the notebook.  It could be quite interesting to see how it turns out.

I think I’ll start putting together the plans for it and put it into action when the new iPhone arrives.  I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.  Of course, I could always also use the Maker’s Notebook for it.

LifeHacker:  Moleskine Kindle Cover Elegantly Marries Ebooks and Paper Notes

Kindle ebook readers save you the hassle of lugging books around, but pen and paper is still a favorite note-taking tool. Moleskine, maker of the oft-hacked notebook, does its own mod and makes a Kindle case that makes perfect sense.

In fact, Moleskine itself acknowledges the work of clever Moleskine hackers in its release notes, but its own digital-and-analog hack looks quite professional. Strong elastic holds a Kindle in place against a suede lining, while the opposite cover offers reporter-style notebooks held against the familiar Moleskine soft-but-firm exteriors.


~ by Normanomicon on June 16, 2010.

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