My Luck Holds Up with the iPhone 4

As most of you know now, I’ve got my new iPhone.  I got it when I got home from work on the 23rd, a full 24 hours before it was supposed to be here.

Here’s how my luck went with this:

  • When I went to pre-order it, there were no lines
  • When I pre-ordered, I used a debit card
  • I didn’t get goobered around with the old $30.00 unlimited plan
  • It got here on time even though it was being shipped by FedEx (long story)
  • There were no issues activating the phone
  • It took less than an hour to activate it

Now, it seems my luck is again holding up.  Apparently, some people are presenting issues with the phone.  Here’s what some of them are:

  • The glass shatters
  • The glass scratches
  • Yellow bands/dots on the screen
  • Reception is lost when touching bezel

I have experienced exactly none of these.  The phone was even dropped once (not my fault).  It is going to stay looking as good as new for as long as I can, just got to find the right case for it.

To read the full story about the issues that people are having, head on over to CrunchGear and check it out.

The top four iPhone 4 hardware issues so far
The first batch of iPhone 4s isn’t exactly wooing the world. The phones seem to be plagued with various deal-breaking issues. I’m not sure I would feel comfortable waiting in line for this Jesusphone right now knowing that these four hardware problems are so rampant. Hopefully the problems are being worked out right now in some Foxconn factory and later shipments won’t have so many issues.

~ by Normanomicon on June 25, 2010.

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