This is some VERY SAD news indeed…

I’ve been a fan of J.C. Hutchins since I started listening to podcasts.  I love his work and his physical print books as well.

It had been a while since there was even a “Hey Everybody” podcast that was released, so I had spoken to J.C on Twitter and had found out this very sad news.  I don’t know how I had missed it, but I’m seeing it now and letting you know about it as well.


I’ve been sitting on this news for a few days, pondering how to best present it to you — you very cool, very gracious people. I realized that my breed of pondering is often an excuse for procrastination, so I’ll get on with it and articulate this as clearly and constructively as I can.

St. Martin’s Griffin, the publisher of 7th Son: Descent, has chosen to not publish the 7th Son sequels. As with every aspect of our relationship, St. Martin’s was kind, clear and up-front with me about this. This honesty has been something I’ve treasured since I signed with the company in 2007. I consider the team with whom I worked at St. Martin’s to be absolute professionals, genuinely interested in my talents, my ideas and my work.

Brass tacks: 7th Son: Descent’s sales performance has not made a compelling business case for its sequels. Given the heroic outreach I and St. Martin’s marketing/publicity teams put forth to effectively promote Descent, and the ultimate sales results of that outreach, the publisher believed releasing a sequel would not make good business sense. Despite my disappointment as 7th Son’s creator, I am able to see the wisdom of St. Martin’s decision.

Yes, it’s the end of a very good thing.  The 7th Son series is one of the ones to really drag me deep into the podcast serialized book genre’s and opened me up to many more great authors.

JC, we are sad to see you go.  We will miss you and we hope that you do return to us some day (not just for the free stuff either).

If there’s anything that we as readers and listeners can do for you (outside of making a mass run on stores to order your books), please let us know.  I’m going to see what I can do to help make a good selling point on your return.

Let’s spread the news everyone, re-post this, re-twit this, share it on Facebook, Twitter, anything that you can.  We can’t let a writer of this caliber stagnate and die off.

~ by Normanomicon on June 29, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for the ultra-kind words, Norman! I’m honored and humbled by the support.

    • That is not a problem J.C. We all appreciate everything you’ve done. I’m still baffled as to why your stuff didn’t do as well. You are definitely top notch. And always left me hungry for more story.

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