Brew 22, Harrisburg

We decided to go out for dinner tonight to a new place.

We’ve seen it, knew it was there for quite some time, knew it was part of Arooga’s but never visited.

Two words, “I’m Impressed”.

When we walked in, Brew 22 was actually larger than I thought it was based on seeing the outside of the place.

It’s almost a cross between a bistro, a sports bar, an authentic Italian pizza place and a higher end ‘bar’.

The have several large screen tv’s on the walls, a small juke box on the wall, a small section of the open kitchen as a bar and a decent amount of indoor seating.  There’s not much outside seating, but it’s adequate.

We were seated immediately and our drink orders were taken.  Within a few seconds, the drinks were brought and we were told what the specials were.  The description that I saw online stated that it wasn’t really child friendly, but I’m impressed with how they accommodated our son.  They do have a kids menu even though it’s more of a bar/restaurant.

My son got the elbow noodles and meat sauce, my wife got the grilled chicken steak sub and I got the Bacon Bacon Bacon Kobe Beef burger.  We also got a small plate of their home made potato chips and their crab depth charges.

The crab depth charges are excellent.  There are six small flaky pastry crusts with crab meat and a blend of a spicy pepper sauce and cheese on top.  Fairly small, but presented well, although I think I’d have used less lettuce on the plate, it still looked great.  It tasted quite good as well.

The potato chips were home sliced and deep fried as we ordered.  They came out hot and fresh.  A wonderful delight to have.  I sampled only a few of these as I got them more for Mitchell to eat till his ‘pasghetti’ arrived.  It appears though, that we didn’t have to wait long for his dinner.

My son’s order came out first and even though it looked like it was piping hot, it was actually quite decent.  I blame the cooler temperature inside that made it look hotter than it actually was.  It was actually perfect for my son to eat without burning his mouth.

Not long after my son was serverd, the head chef came out and introduced himself to us.  He said he likes to greet everyone at least once the first time they visit.  He was very personable and generally took a decent interest in making sure that we were happy.  He also added as it was an open kitchen environment, if we needed anything, just motion to him or get his attention and he would do what he could to make sure we were satisfied.

My wife’s and my dinner arrived and let me tell you.  My mouth was watering.  The burger was done absolutely perfect.  I asked for it medium rare and it came out as medium rare as a photograph out of a fine dining magazine.  And the taste…Four pieces of bacon, a THICK juicy kobe beef pattie, provolone cheese, it was definitely the absolute best burger I have ever eaten in a restaurant.

My wife’s chicken steak sub was one of the best I’ve had a taste of in quite a while also.  The chicken was done perfectly, it wasn’t dried out, it wasn’t diced into shredded chicken, it was chunked perfectly and had that perfect blackened chicken steak taste.

I got waffle fries with mine and although there wasn’t a large portion of them, it was definitely enough.  The same goes for my wife’s sweet potato fries.  Both tasted great as well.

I noticed on the menu for one of the other appetizers that they have their own Brew Sauce.  It’s a tangy dipping sauce and I asked if we could have some to try.  I definitely tasted mustard, horseradish and I think a hint of some hoppes or beer.  Definitely a great taste.

If dinner wasn’t enough, we saw the desert menu and decided, what the hey, let’s do it.  I got the Lemmonberry Mascarpone Cake and my wife got the Mousse Flight.  I do have to say about the desert menu, like almost all places I go, chocolate is the main desert flavor.  For a place such as Brew 22, I sort of find this disturbing.

The Lemmonberry Mascarpone is berry and cinnamon streusel baked into a moist cream cake and layered with fruit and lemon mascarpone cream.  Finished with raspberry drizzle.  The Mousse Flight is a trio of freshly whipped chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter mousse, topped with whipped cream.  Both of them tasted excellent.  As a matter of fact, the mousse is the best I have ever had.  Now, that’s not exactly saying a lot since I’ve only had mousse about a dozen times in my life, but still, I am going to label this as the mousse to beat.  Definitely the best I’ve had in the Harrisburg area.

The menu has appatizers, sandwiches, entrees, pasta, salads, brick oven pizza, stromboli and a lot more.  Also, the chef told us that they are doing a new menu and adding a few things and should have the new one ready to roll within the next 30 days.  Once they do, their own website will go online and be separate from the Arooga’s site.  They’re already on Facebook and he’s going to look into getting on Twitter.

If you’re looking for a great place to eat with a great atmosphere, I HIGHLY suggest checking out Brew 22. Be advised though, they are a little on the pricier side, so don’t be alarmed when you see the prices, but…it’s definitely worth it.  I personally give it a 5 star rating.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, one of the things they do offer there is a myriad of micro brews from all over the place.  They have a great selection of beverages.  I’m not much of a beer connoisseur, but I can guarantee that you’ll have a great selection of beverages to choose from.

Swing on by:

Brew 22
7011 Allentown Blvd
Harrisburg, PA 17112
(717) 657-2233

I’m sorry, but I only got a picture of the desert menu and deserts, but I promise that I’ll get a picture of more the next time we go.


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