It’s a Borders Friday Night

This seems to be the theme again recently.

For quite a while there we were going out for dinner, then coffee/books at Borders, then possibly ice cream, etc.  Well, we took a little break for a bit there and it looks like it’s starting again every weekend, dinner, books/coffee, etc.

Anywho, I only picked up one book this time around (although I could have grabbed all four of the series).

I grabbed a book called Night Watch.  It’s the first in a series of four books by Sergei Lukyanenko out of Russia.  It’s a best seller and now a major motion picture.  Originally, there were three books that were to be made into movies.  Night Watch, Day Watch and Twilight Watch which were all supposed to be made into a movie.  But, it looks as though only the first two books were made into movies and a fourth book was written.

I don’t know how the movies were, but based on the premise as well as the clips I’ve seen of the movies and reviews from friends, the movies are quite decent.  I can’t wait to read all four of the books and I’ll even be picking up both of the movies.

Sergei Lukyanenko – Night Watch

Set in contemporary Moscow, Lukyanenko’s fantastic American debut—the first in a series about an epic struggle between good and evil—charts the adventures of a race of supernaturally gifted Others, who serve either the Light or Dark Side. The Others slip in and out of an eerie parallel world where they coexist in an uneasy peace that a terrible revolution may soon disrupt. Philosophical Anton Gorodetsky, an earnest Night Watch agent, falls in love with 24-year-old Svetlana Nazarova, a troubled young doctor under a Dark Magician’s curse. While Anton endeavors to undo the curse, he discovers Egor, a gifted boy unwilling to choose between his Light or Dark abilities. As humankind’s fate hangs in the balance, Anton is forced to re-examine his allegiance, and Svetlana is drawn deeper into the exotic, vivid universe of dueling magicians, shape-shifters, witches and vampires. Potent as a shot of vodka, this compelling urban fantasy was adapted to a Russian blockbuster movie in 2004

Mr. Lukyanenko also has  quite a few different books in both English and Russian.  You can get them over at the Sergei Lukyanenko page on

You can also pick up both of the movies as well as a number of others with some of the same actors over on Konstantin Khabenskiy’s page on

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