JC Hutchins – NEW Fiction Project (may revive the Hutchins/Sigler showdown)

Back on June 29, I spoke to the sad news of J C Hutchins dropping out of view and having to stop providing some great content for us.

Well, it seems that he has gotten a great gig lined up for us all here.  It’s not going to be  a podcast, a paid experience, a novel or a book.

It’s something new that he’s working on with a company to produce it and it seems as though he’s REALLY enjoying working on it.  He did get permissions from them to let a little bit slip.

Head on over to the site and learn all about it, or at least what he’s able to release for now.  I can’t WAIT to see what it is, it’s going to be great just based on what we’ve seen and what he’s done in the past.  This will DEFINITELY be something you don’t want to miss.

AND, based on the pictures that he has shown, it looks like it’s sneaking into Scott Sigler territory so THIS ought to be an interesting showdown for the both of them.  🙂

New Fiction Project Coming Next Week

It’s something new, a breed of fiction that — to the best of my knowledge — has never been seen before. It will unfold exclusively online, using familiar web technologies in unfamiliar, but very cool, ways.

So what can I reveal? This fiction experience IS:

  • Designed to be a realistic, authentic experience
  • Dozens of other talented creators — from producers to model makers to art directors and filmmakers — contributed to this experience, making it an amazing and unique collaboration (an environment in which I thrive)
  • In a surreal twist, YOU will be the star of this story (though it’s not a Choose Your Own Adventure-like tale)
  • The project is a spin-off of a television series from a major cable network
  • You know this network
  • Being a geek like me, you watch and love this network
  • Text, video, photos and other multimedia stories, nearly all of which were written by me

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UPDATE – 2010.07.10:

Yes, I know, I just posted it, but the one and only JC happened to be online when I posted this and he updated me that it is definitely NOT like a Sigler book.  So, no showdown this time, but we can only hope.  🙂


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  1. Thanks for blogging about the upcoming project! The project isn’t like a Sigler novel, so there will be no fight to the death.

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