Ice Cream Pie? Um, Yes Please! (via The Seventh Hills Collection)

OOOOOOOO, this looks SOOOOOO good.

Must try this some time in the VERY near future. 🙂

At the very least, it’ll save on having to buy ice cream cakes from Carvel or Dairy Queen if you don’t mind a little work.  🙂

Ice Cream Pie? Um, Yes Please! I have so many memories of this Ice Cream Pie. For years, this was my and my siblings choice for a birthday treat. No cake for us, just delicious ice cream pie. I have no clue where this recipe is originally from. My mom has had it on a handwritten recipe card for as long as I can remember. It is SUPER easy. And like every recipe that I love most, it gives you options. YAY for choices in life. What you’ll need: 3 T Butter 2 T. Brown Sugar 1/4 c. … Read More



~ by Normanomicon on July 13, 2010.

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