13 ridiculously tactical items

The Tactical Gear Blog has a list of 13 ridiculously tactical items.

I like the list, it’s pretty good, but I have my own comments to add in.  Head on over to their site and take a read, then come on back and see my personal comments below:

Is there a more overused word than the word ‘tactical’ nowadays?”

This question, posed on Kel-Tec Owner’s Group forum in February, further proves that “tactical” is indeed the buzzword darling of the gear and guns industry. Therefore, it’s only natural for that word to be applied to some traditionally non-tactical products, which has created a recent onslaught of the most ridiculously tactical items in the world.

1. Tactical Energy Drink

Yeah, I agree that a ‘tactical’ energy drink is about ridiculous.  I know over in the AStan the troops are drinking a lot of energy drinks, but to actually call it tactical?  I agree here.

2. Tactical Paper

I tend to disagree that this is ridiculous.  I can definitely see the use for a paper that is able to withstand inclement weather.  Using the right ink, these could be very useful in the field.  I like to get the maps from the USGS when I go backpacking and they have the special ink/coating that withstands the weather.  It’s a nice thing to have.  Even if you have a map case that protects it.

3. Tactical First Aid Kits

Yeah, in the civilian field (unless you’re a LEO) this would seem a bit ridiculous.  But there are certain conditions that make it right.

4. Tactical iPhone Case

Um, yeah…I like Magpul, but there’s certainly better cases out there for the ‘tactical use’ of the iPhone.

5. Tactical Car

You better be in a situation that you need one of these before you actually buy it.  I don’t think you could write it off on your taxes though.  🙂

6. Tactical Bacon

Yeah, I like bacon just as much as the next guy and the only reason I could see to have this other than a novelty item is in a ‘survivalist’ type situation or to keep it at your cabin in the winter time.

7. Tactical Blinky Balls

This may or may not actually be useful, haven’t decided yet.

8. Tactical Speakers

uh huh…riiiiiight.

9. Tactical Golf Cart

Better be a golf course in Falujah or a mall/park with one HELL of a problem.

10. Tactical Contacts

I don’t think we’re at that level of technology yet where these would be really helpful.

11. Tactical Corset

If you’re into that sort of thing…definitely a fetishists dream.  😉

12. Tactical Toiletry Bag

Yeah, it’s got the ballistic nylon, but also comes with a ballistic price tag.  Get a cheap Wal-Mart one and you’ll be just as good.

13. Tactical Cheese Holster

You must REALLY like your cheese.


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  1. I agree with you on the tactical paper. It’s actually a really interesting concept that I’d like to test out sometime 🙂

    • I’ve used the ‘write in the rain’ paper. I like it, but it’s best if you use either a sharpie or an ‘all weather’ pen. Pencils work, but not the greatest.

  2. Tactical Cheesse Holster! how crazy!

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