WikiLeaks = National Security threat?

Some of you may have heard of a website called WikiLeaks.  (

If not, you’ve been SERIOUSLY living under a rock.  It’s been all over the news and media outlets.  They have released and are releasing documents taken from the US Military concerning possibly classified information.

It came to my attention that some military sources are considering blocking the website from the installations.  In my personal opinion in the matter of national security, don’t block the site, shut it down, the hardware needs to be seized and the people who are posting this should be brought in and prosecuted as spies and jeopardizing the national security of this country and the lives of soldiers.

Both Mullen and Gates originally considered the documents WikiLeaks obtained to have strategic value but the information does have consequences that may be potentially severe and lead to unnecessary blood shed as well as deaths on both the American and Afghanistan soldiers/police forces.

In my opinion, the people who leaked this information to WikiLeaks should also be tried for treason against the United States.  The smalls pieces of information leaked may not be much in and of itself, but put all of the information together and you start to get a pretty good view of the big picture.

What would happen in the corporate world if someone were to say steal the software design plans or the hardware blueprints for the next Blackberry or iPhone.  Or better yet, what if someone stole and published the blueprints for the 1st National Look At Me Bank of The United States including the floor layout, security system information and codes?  it would be literal hell to pay by the FBI.  the person that did it would be sitting in federal prison for a VERY long time.

So why are federal agencies sitting on this?  Why is wikileaks still operating?  You tell me.  Is it because we don’t want to step on someones toes?  Is it because some civil rights lawyer out there is powerful that the second we move to close this down because of national security they’d be all over us like the maggots that most lawyers are?

I for one like the fact that civil rights lawyers are watching our backs, but there’s a time to watch our backs and a time realize that this needs to happen to preserver the security of our country.  I’m not one for big government involvement as some of you may know, but when it comes to something like this?  Yes, I say track the people responsible down and make an example out of them.  The people that leaked the information originally are most likely soldiers and have taken a specific oath.  They are ‘property of the U.S. Government’.  When it comes to prosecution them over something like this, yes, there are procedures, but there are also things laid out specifically for this.

Now, I know that people are reading this as I’ve seen the site count.  Let’s start some kind of discussion here, what are your thoughts on this?  Do you think that this involved should be imprisoned and/or shut down?  How about me?  Do you think I’m full of it?  Am I way off target, or am I right on?

(Note:  Some information was taken from the Wired Danger Room Article on this subject which can be found here:


~ by Normanomicon on July 30, 2010.

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  1. In a nutshell, the reason it hasn’t been taken down is because WikiLeaks is hosted out of computers all over the world, in countries where this kind of thing is not illegal.

    I agree with you 1000%, but there is a problem. The US Government attacking a server that is operating legally in a foreign nation is state-sponsored cyberwarfare. This would lead to MUCH bigger things.

    The guys running this site may be complete douchebags, but they aren’t stupid. Taking them out would require a coordinated effort against multiple countries, and what I’m guessing are EXTREMELY hardened servers. And seriously, how long can you “take out” a website on the Internet? They would be back up and running within hours, if not sooner. Even if you could manage it, you would martyr the site, and 500 more would pop up in their place. In some ways I think it is better to have a single focal point, than a bunch of them all trying to mimic it.

    They covered themselves another way as well; All of the submissions are anonymized, so they have zero knowledge of who dropped what document.

    I had this conversation several times at DefCon this year. 99% of the people I spoke with were actually in agreement.

    • See herein lies the problem.

      Even though the servers are in different countries, the people that run it should still be held accountable. Even if the information is not able to be removed, the people should be tried for treason against the United States. Even though the information comes from an anonymous source, the owners of the site are still held responsible, or should be.

      So what if the information is on a neutral server where it’s not illegal? So what if you got the information from a TRUELY anonymous source (no such thing in today’s world), if the information has been posted from a United States computer or internet connection (most likely), the people that run the site need to be prosecuted for harboring spies.

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what you’re saying, but I still feel very adamant about what I’m saying. And as far as state-sponsored cyberwarfare? i’m sure there’s stuff going on that none of us really know about. From both our side as well as the others.

      I’m all for freedom of speech. If it weren’t for that freedom, we wouldn’t be able to have this conversation or post these things on the internet. But when it comes to possible safety of US Soldiers and Citizens being compromised because of that freedom? No, pull it.

      Now I know what some people out there are going to say. What about the birth of our country? Did our forefathers not do this? They didn’t jeopardize the safety of someone else, they jeopardized their own safety and their families, but they knew what they were getting into. They knew there was no way going back and surviving. This is something TOTALLY different. This is a downright coward that has no balls to stand up and admit what they did.

      If you’re going to throw your country and fellow countrymen and women to the dogs, at least stand up and be held accountable for it.

      Sorry if I sort of ranted here, you can call me what you will, a patriot, a nut job, wack job, goofball, I don’t care. It’s just how I feel, I love this country and what it originally stood for. I’m not so sure what it stands for anymore, but I will defend it in any way shape or form from ANY enemy foreign and/or domestic. I’m not a soldier, I wasn’t able to have that opportunity, but I will do what I must in order to preserve.

  2. Again, I completely agree with you. However, I think you are missing the point.

    Should any US citizen caught giving national secrets away be tried for treason? Absolutely. Hang them. I don’t think many people actually disagree on this point.

    The larger problem is wikileaks itself.

    -It operates in countries where it is legal. There is just no way around that. You can be morally indignant all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that the site itself is operating legally in it’s host country. Attacking those servers would be seen as an act of war. Is cyberwarfare going on already? I can guarantee you it is. But to go after a high profile target like that is something entirely different.

    -The founder is not a US citizen. So that turns it from “treason” to “espionage” in my book. But since this person is not actively stealing the data, only releasing it, it technically falls under “journalism”. Now, again, I know you don’t agree, and neither do I, but we don’t get to change the rules to suit our beliefs.

    -Norm, I know you are a tech guy. HOW exactly should we take them out? Taking out a ring of servers serving up kiddie porn is easy; it’s illegal. But how does one actually go about taking out a site that is legal, where it exists? Blacklist all US based DNS? That doesn’t help if they publish an IP list. And that only works for the US. The best we could do would be to basically BLOCK it for the US and anyone else who agreed… And that would do nothing for national security. All it would accomplish is censoring US citizens from info the rest of the world has. And hell, you could even defeat that with TOR.

    -Again, while I hate the site, there is a certain value in there being _ONE_ of them. If you somehow manage to take them out, you make the people running it, the site, and the IDEA into martyrs. Congratulations, now you have every left leaning college kid in the world hosting a node of some whistle blower mesh network out of their dorm room.

    -I imagine some of our top people are now watching the borders of this site very closely now anyway…

    Again, like I said, I agree with you. But while I understand how you FEEL about it, and that it is anti-American, I would like to see what you think about the TECHNICAL side of this.


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