Calling all bloggers

I was in Philly this week for work and had the opportunity to attend an inaugural Word Press Tweet up. More on that in another post though as this post comes from a few questions that I received while I was there.

I have had HUGE success increasing traffic to my personal blog and I conveyed some of what I did along with my ‘success’ story with them. Out of that, I was contacted and asked for more details on how I generate traffic.

Well, I’m going to do a full blown post on the subject, but wanted to incorporate some of what has worked for others in the past.

So here’s what I’m asking. What worked for you to generate traffic?

Are you generating income from it?

What didn’t work?

Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll try and have the full post up by the end of the weekend. And, I’ll be featuring a blog from one of the people from the Philly WP meeting Wednesday night as we review some tips to integrate some new ways to help generate traffic.

Till then…


~ by Normanomicon on August 12, 2010.

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