Gaining traffic to your site Part 1

During a recent WP Philly meeting as I mentioned in my last post, I was asked how to increase traffic as my site had gone from at most 100 a month last November, to over 2,000 visits per month as of today.

I was originally going to make this a one post and done article, but after starting it and thinking about it, it will make more sense to create a multi part article.  Once I have posted all of them, I will post the whole article on one page within my site so that it’s easier to get the information as opposed to trying to find the posts individually.

In this post, I’ll simply give the introduction, the list of things that can be done, then will be featuring a site from one of the Philly Word Press bloggers/business owners that had approached me for a few tips and pointers.  If you’re interested in seeing what her site currently looks like before she makes any changes (if she so chooses), please head on over to Synergy by Jasmine and take a look.

And now, a few of the things that I have done to increase site traffic are:

  • Post to Twitter
    • If you don’t have a twitter account, set one up.  Set WordPress to automatically publicize to Twitter.  It will give you additional traffic by spreading your word around.  Followers on Twitter may re-post or pass the information around as well.
  • Post to Facebook
    • Again, same reason as for Twitter.  It’ll get the word out on blog posts a lot quicker than a Google or Yahoo search.
  • Business Cards
    • Quick, Easy, cheap (free plus shipping) and you can leave them on physical bulletin boards, give them to clients/friends/family and they may pass the cards out for you as well, but don’t be pushy with them, just have them available and politely make them available.  They’re also good for conferences or business associates if this is for a business web site as opposed to personal site.
  • Friends
    • Yes, friends, they can spread the word for you and you may be more likely to get a site visit from someone if it’s not you that’s promoting it.
  • Trends
    • No matter what you post or blog about, there are trends out there.  See what people are searching for and go with the flow.  Yes, this could be considered jumping on the bandwagon, but that can sometimes be a good thing.  Besides, there’s a possibility that before long, someone will be taking tips from what you’re posting and do the same.
  • Re-Posting
    • I’m sure you all read other blogs.  More specifically, you read blogs and articles about what you’re interested in.  If you find an article or a blog post interesting, share the wealth.  If it’s a WordPress site, it’s even easier, you can use the like feature as well as re-blog feature that WordPress has recently integrated.
  • Cross-Posting
    • If you find yourself posting from a specific site frequently, contact them and ask if you can re-publish some of their content for them.  As long as you explicitly express that it’s coming from their site and it’s with their permission, you should be ok.
  • Mutual Site Linking
    • Get on a site ring or find someone that is blogging or has a site that covers the same information.  Talk to them and find out if they will share a little advertising with you.  Provide a links section on your site with friends, family, co-workers, partner sites, etc.  It’s one of those you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of relationships.
  • Utilizing Categories
    • Categories make it easier once someone is on your site to find what they’re looking for.  If you’ve got several posts on the same or similar topics, using a category drop down list on the site will allow people to view all the posts in that category on one page.
  • Utilizing Tags
    • Tags assist search engines as well as Word Press to help users find your information.  It also allows Word Press to suggest other pages to people when they are on another WP site.  It’s kind of like a “If you like Beethoven, you’ll like Chopin” thing.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Regular topic articles
    • Posting regular articles or a piece that you do once a week or monthly (such as my tactical to practical piece or my Microsoft Patch Tuesday articles) gives readers something to look forward to, and/or something to follow.  It gives them a specific reason to keep coming back.  Especially if you ‘serialize’ articles.
  • RSS Feeds
    • Make sure readers have an easy way to add your site to their RSS Readers and put an RSS Feed button some where on your page.  It doesn’t have to be very large, but at least have it somewhere that readers can see it easily.
  • Amazon Associates Account (more for making a few bucks here and there as opposed to driving traffic to the site).
    • This is more for making money.  If you review or recommend books, movies, dvd’s, music, whatever, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it on Amazon.  Head on over to and sign up for an Amazon Associates account.  It’ll pay you a percentage on most everything that they sell as long as the customer follows one of your links to buy it.

Now that I’ve gotten the basics out of the way, I’ll be doing additional articles on transforming a good web site with lots of great content into a site that get’s the information out to even more readers than it is now.

Stay tuned.


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  2. Keeping an eye on trending is really important. People often blog about issues that are weeks old. While bloggers can still get a piece of the action, their post is not going to get as many hits as if it comes out when the topic is hot.

    • Yes, I do agree on that. I’ve had posts that I’ve drafted but never got a chance to post that I’ve deleted as it’s old news by the time I get around to it.

      Because this is a personal site, it’s not that important, but a pro site would definitely have to keep an eye on it.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. You forgot guest writing for other high traffic blogs dude

    Or you can just find a popular blog and plagiarize their articles and claim them as your own – lol

    ~James G

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