#phillywp Inaugural meetup

Let me warn everyone right off the bat.  If you don’t Tweet and/or you’re not into Word Press, this post is not really going to make a lot of sense.

Wednesday, 11 August I had the pleasure of attending the Philadelphia Word Press Inaugural meetup.

It was held at Future Media Concepts on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.  There were several prominent members of the Word Press community there and if it weren’t for Ryan C Duff here in Harrisburg, I would have never known about it.

A little about FMC from their website:

FUTURE MEDIA CONCEPTS, INC., the nation’s premier digital media training center, provides manufacturer-authorized training in all areas of digital media including digital video and film editing, web design and development, sound design, DVD authoring, 3D animation, motion graphics, desktop publishing, architectural and mechanical design and Mac IT. FMC is an authorized training provider for Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Boris FX, Digidesign, NewTek and Softimage.

It all started with Ryan shooting out a Tweet about the Harrisburg WP meetup.  I sent him a note saying that if he moved it 2 hours East, I’d make it.  He in turn forwarded me the information about the Philly meetup and it was a done deal.  I looked at the meeting place event and found that it was closed for RSVP’ing, so I sent @williamsba a note asking if it’s ok if I showed up.  I didn’t get a reply by the time I got there, but figured, I’m from Harrisburg, showing up at a Philly event, why not.  🙂

I walked in and let me say I was impressed.  There were approximately 50 people between two rooms (advanced and beginner).  Slide shows, speakers, pizza, soda and a lot of good information floating around.  They were talking about what they’d like to see as topics for each of the meetups and a lot of questions.  I hung out in the beginner room as I’d have more to share and discuss in there than in the advanced room.

The questions were bountiful and very good.  There were questions from installation of the WP software down to what the themes are all about and @williamsba and others there were answering the questions they had as they were coming.

Towards the end of the meet, a few of us showed off our sites and tips were given, discussions were had and in the end I think everyone had fun.

I can see these meetings going quite well and there is going to be a lot of information shared at these.  I see a great group of WP bloggers and site owners coming out of these meetings and I see some good sites becoming great.

I got to meet a lot of good people there and found some great sites out of it as well.  I’ll probably be featuring a site from there from time to time and had fun at both the meetup as well as the social time afterwards.

Who knows, I may just swing down for another of the meetups in the not too distant future.  Also, after talking to @ryancduff there was talk about maybe having a Harrisburg/Philly meetup maybe on a Saturday somewhere.  I’d be happy to see that as well.

~ by Normanomicon on August 15, 2010.

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