5 Gun Myths thanks to the movies…

Robert Evans writes for I4U News.  He happens to also have a nice piece over at Cracked about what the movies have done for gun myths.

Here, he presents the 5 top gun myths that have been slammed into our minds thanks to the movies:

  1. Silencers Turn Gunfire Into a Gentle Whisper
  2. Machine Guns are Magical Death Machines
  3. Bulletproof Vests Are Magical Force Fields
  4. Gratuitous Cocking
  5. Bullets Explode Everything

I agree with almost everything he says, but there are a few minor points here and there that I don’t agree with.  The biggest one being the silencer thing.  No, it doesn’t quiet it to the point of not being able to hear it, but depending on the weapon and where you are, I’ve already stood 10 yards away from a weapon being fired with a silencer and had a hard time hearing it.

Anywho, head on over to Cracked and check out the fun.


~ by Normanomicon on August 17, 2010.

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