You really think so? Really?

According to, they seem to think that if you remove all valuable items out of your vehicle and actually lock your doors, it will help reduce crime.  Hmmm, gee, that’s so common sense I would have never thought of it.

But apparently, it’s so simple, people aren’t doing it.  So…you have the article here:

Removing valuables and locking doors will prevent thefts from cars

If you want to prevent valuable items from being stolen from your car, the answer is simple, police say: Don’t leave them in the car. Bonus points if you also lock your car doors.

Those two simple steps will prevent almost all such crimes. Yet police report thefts from cars remain steady, and even booming in some areas. In Harrisburg, among the items stolen from a car in recent weeks is a city police officer’s handgun. More commonly targeted are GPS units, cash and laptop computers.


~ by Normanomicon on August 17, 2010.

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