Will the real @MayorLThompson Please stand up?

So, if you’ve been following the local Twitter scene here in Harrisburg (or if you have seen the PennLive news) you’ll know that there’s an ‘imposter’ Linda Thompson account floating around.  When first reported by PennLive, they thought it was a hacked LT account, but soon realized (thanks to a local media mogul) that no, it is in fact a fake.

It appeared some time yesterday around noon and started following some of the local #hbgtweetup people.  From there, it just started to spread like wild fire and has since gained the attention of some other news agencies around the area.  A few of us are hoping that it will be picked up by CNN, but we’re not sure if it’s going to be big enough news or not.

There’s also a Craigslist posting that I had posted about yesterday that is apparently part of the whole ‘joke’.

Here’s some of what she’s got to say since the inception of the account (in reverse chronological order):

  • @MichlAnthySmith Good question, I’ve got a great plan. First, it’s BYOF (Bring your own fireworks)
  • **fingers crossed** Can’t wait to hear if I land this gig and get the H-E-double hockey sticks outta here. http://bit.ly/cKQgQU
  • Sorry @floor9, I’m too busy burning the midnight oil solving this financial crisis in utter isolation.
  • I want to thank @lauravecsey, my close close personal friend for bringing attention to my account. http://bit.ly/dyHKaF
  • Help Wanted! Please Retweet: http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/etc/1905870864.html
  • Fear not, citizens of my city. I and my advis…um.. I am working on the super secret plan to get us out of this mess.
  • Let’s open this twitter feed with a prayer. Per the ACLU, can every non-Christian please sign off the internet for a min? kthx.
  • Ardo here. This administration is proud to announce we’ll be securing a chicago based communications firm to run our social media strategy.
  • I know how to use Twetter.

Many of us at the #hbgtweetup last night were racking our brains trying to figure out who this imposter actually is.  Her/His/They’re account started small, but within 24 hours has well over 100 followers and is following over 100 people as well.  Some of the followers from the media that she has are:

  • @Briggs_abc27
  • @pgPoliTweets
  • @CraigFOX43
  • @JulieCBS21
  • @MelissaFox43
  • @roxburynews
  • @SKnight_CBS21
  • @HHRVB

Now, I can understand that they are interested what the ‘mayor’ has to say, but I’m just a little bit intrigued on why they wouldn’t have verified that this was indeed her account to begin with.  And if they’re just following her because of the ‘lark’ of it, why do they as news personnel not have a ‘personal’ account as opposed to their ‘professional’ Twitter account?  It’s just something that brings out a few questions on the validity of some of the news and information that is being put out there.

Now, for the record, I know at least one of these people personally and they are following because of the lark of it.  And they are the type of person that once you know them, you’ll understand.  The rest of the news crowd there could be the same way, but who’s to know.

It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of it and if there’s going to be an actual inquiry in to who it is.  Is this a man, a woman, a group of people?  Only time will tell at this point and some of the real news is going to be how the Mayor’s office handles it.  I think it would go a LONG way to bridging the gap between the Mayor and her consituents if she were to accept this as it is, a joke, a farce, something that eventually happens to all actors, politicians, etc and move one.  The bigger a deal that is made of it, the longer it’s going to persist.

Is it wrong? Maybe.

Is it funny?  ABSOLUTELY.

Should someone be punished for it? That’s for you to decide.



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  1. I’m Spartacus!

    …but I am not Linda Thompson.

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