Sending SMS Messages using E-Mail

I remember back when I first got my iPhone.  We weren’t allowed to send MMS messages and it kind of really ticked me off, but I was so enamored with the rest of the phone I didn’t really mind that much.  It forced me to move towards figuring out other ways of communicating my pictures instantly and with a little bit of research, I found a decent article about sending SMS pictures via e-mail.

Of course, with today’s smart phones, it’s just as easy to send e-mails instead of MMS messages, but not everyone has a shiny sparkly new smart phone.  Take my wife for instance.  She is eligible for an upgrade, but still insists on using her Motorola Razor phone that I gave her when I upgraded to my first iPhone.  It works for her.  Yes, she would benefit and does like playing with both my and my son’s iPhones, but she just doesn’t see a need for her to have one.  I’m most likely going to be configuring one of them for her as an iPod touch though.

(And yes, I said my son’s iPhone.  Yes, he’s going on 4.  Yes, he knows how to use it better than most adults out there.  No, it’s not a live iPhone, it’s more of an iPod touch at this point.)

Well, over at The Geek Stuff, they have another article up about how to send SMS messages using e-mail.

Are you always sending SMS to your friend’s cellphone from your cellphone? Did you know that you can SMS to someone using email? This list is extremely helpful, if you are outside US and would like to SMS someone in US, you can just send it as an email.


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  1. I like your wife’s thinking. Not everyone needs a hand held computer that makes phone calls. 😉

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