Bloggers get slammed by Philly

Thanks to @Williamsba for the lead in for this one.  Don’t know if I’d have caught it.

ReadWriteWeb has an article up about Philadelphia city demanding money from bloggers who made ANY income, even if it’s as low as $11.00.

Now, I’m not a big proponent of getting a license, paying taxes, etc as many of you know, but I could understand if someone is making a living off of their web site, yea, tax it, force them into a license.

But for someone that has made $11.00 in two year?  To charge them $300.00 for a license?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  They call it “activity for profit”.  I call it Bull S***.  This is just another way for Philthadelphia to hurt the people who can bring in a big source of advertisement for them.  Again, yeah, if you’re making a living on the web, I don’t see any harm in it.  But if you’re making barely enough to keep your web host paid, domain name paid, etc, yeah…it ain’t right.

But what’s next?  Having to get a license to blog period, if you make money or not?  Who’s going to enforce it?  Imagine the overhead that’s going to produce.  Yeah, it’ll create more jobs, but who will those jobs go to?  Certainly not the ones that deserve it.  And what happens when other cities, or even states get the idea to do this?  What then?

I remember the web in it’s infancy, back when it was mostly text based and ASCII art that you had to look at, and I look now at some of the things that are going on?  Yes, progress, but, at what price?

Head on over to ReadWriteWeb to read the entire article:

The city of Philadelphia is demanding money from bloggers who were honest enough to report the meagerest – $11, $50 – of revenue from ads or donations.According to the law, any blogger who enables advertising is required to register as a business, pay for a license and pay taxes on their profits no matter how small, the Philadelphia City Paper reported last week.


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