Want Instant Delivery of New Blog Posts & Comments? (via WordPress.com News)

This is actually pretty interesting and I could see how it could be useful. Not so much in a personal setting unless you’re DYING to hear the latest from your favorite blog (like The Normanomicon), but I can see more use for this in a business setting.

It’s definitely something that would come in handy from time to time.

Want Instant Delivery of New Blog Posts & Comments? Do you ever wish you could get instant notification of when your favorite bloggers update? Or even when a new comment is published on their blogs? If so, you might want to use a service called Jabber to make your blog conversations as fast as lightning (well, almost as fast). With Jabber, you get split-second delivery of new blog posts and co … Read More

via WordPress.com News

~ by Normanomicon on August 27, 2010.

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