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Yeah, yeah, I know, you’ve all probably all read about all the nifty new jazzy over priced Apple stuff.  What’s that you say?  You haven’t seen anything about an Apple event?  What, you been living in a black hole or something?

Well, for those of you that haven’t heard, Apple had another event today.  They live streamed it.  I wasn’t able to watch, but I’ve seen some of the stuff that came out of it and I’m going to give you a quick run down:

Ipod Nano

There’s a NEW re-designed Nano and it looks closer to a shuffle sized iPod.  But it’s got a cool new touch screen, lost the camera, now supports Nike+, a pedometer, 24 hour of battery life and they brought the radio back.  I do have to say though, for as small as the Nano is, it’s pretty much a shuffle with a screen.  I’m not saying that I don’t like it, but it seems as though there’s a touch screen on just about everything Apple.  I can see it being not too far down the road when they introduce a MacBook Pro with a touch screen as well as a desktop with one.

iPod Shuffle

Yes, Apple re-designed the Shuffle yet again.  They brought back the click wheel and remains the same size however, this one also adds Genius mixes into it.

iPod Touch

This was apparently the main event for the iPod family as it announced that the iPod Touch will now run iOS 4.1.  It was touted as the number one portable game machine in the world beating the DS and the PSP.  The Touch will have the Retina Display, the A4 processor, a rear facing camera with video and front-facing camera for FaceTime.  It will also come with Game Center (discussed later).

iOS 4.1 and previews 4.2

This will fix many bugs and introduce several new features. Some of these new features are:

  • HDR photos
  • Game Center
  • Uploading full HD videos over Wi-Fi
  • TV show rentals
  • Major bug fixes
  • Air Play (updated version of AirTunes that iTunes shares with AirPort Express which also allows video and photos.
  • It would also gain support for the new music-focused social networking service called Ping.  it’s built into the new iTunes (iTunes 10) and will be part of the iTunes store application on iOS devices.

There was also a preview of iOS 4.2 which will be free to owners of iOS devices and it arrives in November for the iPad.  Features similar to that of 4.1 will be included like Game Center and HDR photos as well as AirPlay and printing.

Apple TV

Apple has introduced a new Apple TV product.  it’s smaller, has ethernet, HDMI, 802.1n Wi-Fi, included remote, a new user interface.  There’s no storage in it, but you can stream media from your Mac or even the PC.  You can rent movies from iTunes and stream from Netflix, MobileMe and YouTube as well as being able to listen to both the radio and podcasts.


Basically, it’s going to do what Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others have done with their social gaming networks.  It’s going to provide better ways to game with friends, or if you don’t have any friends because you’re too busy playing games in your parents basement, it’ll match you up with people to play with.  Epic Games’ President Mike Capps was also on stage with Jobs to announce Code Name: Project Sword.  Which according to iOS Central shows that Apple is taking gaming seriously.

Hmmm, I wonder how long it’ll be before Apple get’s into the gaming console industry.  I also would like to see what that console would look like, what actual OS it would run (Mac OS, iOS or a new version) and where it would get it’s games from?  Would it pull from current manufacturers?  Would it allow the App Store developers to write games?  Only time will tell.

In wrapping this up, I’d like to take the time to thank the following sites for their diligent work in getting the news out to us.  I would also like to credit the pictures that I’ve included with this article to the mentioned parties as well.  I apologize for not crediting you with the specific pictures, but if you are a representative from the entity that I borrowed these photos for and would like me to remove them, please get in touch with me and I’m sure something can be done about it. (AKA please don’t sue me cause all you’ll get is a pocket full of lint, I’m a poor broke geek).

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