Is the Government tracking your location?

Over at Gizmodo, they have an interesting article and some ideas on how to stop police and government agencies tracking your position with GPS.  Of course, if they REALLY want to track you, they’re going to track you.  From your credit card and ATM card purchases, to your cell phone usage, to your e-mail, vehicle, etc.  But, if you just want a little piece of mind, or just want to see what they’re talking about, take a look.

Thanks Gizmodo for pointing this out:

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just decided that it was legal for the police to put a GPS tracking device on your car, sitting in your driveway, on your property. Here’show to protect yourself.

Matt’s post about the decision explains in depth about the ruling. To quickly summarize, the supreme court had said before that police can look through things that anyone in the public could come across, meaning, your driveway is freely accessible to the public, hence, the cops can look through it. The 9th circuit court now says that cops can shove a GPS locator onto your car, because the area is publicly accessible and you have no reasonable expectation of privacy there. Then said cops can use the GPS track you. Without a warrant.


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