Who wants a copy of the Dune encyclopedia?

WOW, thank you Tor for finding this nice tidbit.

Fans of Frank Herbert’s Duneseries are in for a long, lost treat. A fully illustrated and searchable online version of the long out of print Dune Encyclopedia has surfaced.

The book itself has a controversial history. Published in 1984, theEncyclopedia consists of 200 essays regarding the Duneuniverse, from Al-Harba to Jehanne Butler to the evolution of Arrakis and much, much more. The book was considered authorized at first, but was quietly given non-canon status as Herbert’s son continued to expand the Dune mythos through his own books. With the Dune universe continuing onwards, the Encyclopedia is now considered completely apocryphal.

For your convenience, I am providing a link to the .PDF file on Google Docs:


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  1. I was never remotely interested in the books by Herbert’s son, especially since they were written with Kevin J. Anderson, the worst writer in SF. This is one more reason to pretend those books just never existed. Thanks for posting this.

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