Meat Tags…

This is an interesting story.

It’s sad, sobering, terrifying, patriotic, practical and sick all at the same time.

I still can’t thank our soldiers and civilian contractors out there who are doing this job enough.  The man who is doing these tats is doing his part in a way to thank them.

The Marines that are doing this realize that they may not come back alive, but they want to make sure that the families will be able to grieve and have closure.

Head on over to BBC News – World News America to read the whole sobering story:

The man who makes sure dead marines get home

It is a grim reminder of the cost of war. But for marines based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, getting a meat tag – a tattooed copy of their vital information inked into their skin – means paying a visit to Jesse Mays before they head off to war.

“They’re used to identify a corpse. They’re not for the living.”


~ by Normanomicon on September 10, 2010.

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