Range Day – with special commentary by MSNBC (via Monster Hunter Nation)

This is absolutely hilarious.

Larry has this certain way with words that just…flow.

Of course, some of his language at times is NSFW, but hey, what do you want from a psychotic, NRA, gun toting nut like us?


Range Day - with special commentary by MSNBC You know, I was just going to type this up as a regular old blog post to tell you guys about what I did this weekend. I started writing it yesterday, but then last night I watched the news to see what the reporting was like about the big Glenn Beck rally in DC. Inspired by the bastions of journalistic integrity of the news media, I am going to try and give my report about my weekend in a fair and unbiased journalistic manner, just like they do. I … Read More

via Monster Hunter Nation


~ by Normanomicon on September 10, 2010.

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