It is what it is when you wear what you wear. (via All Things Fnkybee)

If you’re big into sports (or maybe not that big), you may have heard of the female sportscaster Ines Sainz.  Well apparently, she was in a locker room at a Jets game and people were whistling, or making fun of her or something.  Either way, CBS News has that portion of the story:

“In my opinion, I never felt I was attacked,” the Mexican sportscaster told Spanish-language program DeporTV on Monday. “I went to the locker room and started to talk about commentary and sports. Another reporter approached me to say he was sorry these things were happening…and that evidently people were making fun of me.”

Ines Sainz in her 'work clothes'

But over at All Things FnkyBee, she has an interesting take on it.

I agree with her.  If you’re going to dress like a whore to do your job then you’re going to get stares, whistles, etc.  It’s not right. But if this is your professional look?  I’d hate to see the going clubbing look, it’s probably something just shy of what a porn star wears during a shoot.

I did a Google image search for her and the only pictures I could find were ones similar to this one or of something that is definitely not safe for work.  If you’re going to wear this in a locker room…expect to get some kind of a result.

And for the record I DO NOT condone sexual harassment of any sort.

Head on over to FnkyBee and check it out.

It is what it is when you wear what you wear.Alright on the Today Show they did a story on the sports broadcaster, Ines Sainz,  that is accusing the Jets of harassment.  I heard a little something about this before but didn’t get the whole story until this am.  I am honestly floored by these accusationsfrom her.  If you think of yourself as a professional anything then you must dress accordingly to your profession.  You don’t see the guy sportscasters wearing board shorts, tight T-shirts a … Read More

via All Things Fnkybee


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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my post in yours! And a huge Thank You for seeing my point! My post got so much attention I didn’t know what to think of it all. So many people got their panties in a bunch and twisted my words and my point to something entirely off of what I was trying to say. So thanks again and I hope you have a great day!

    • Hey, ALL men are pigs, just not all of us act like them. 🙂

      I can understand why people would have gotten upset over it, they saw the original intent and thought that you were condoning what happened. If they just take a few minutes to look at the big picture and take what you’re saying as a whole, they’d understand. At first I started to think that you were saying it’s her fault that it happened and nothing should be done. By the time I was done reading your post, I understood that yes, it’s partly her fault for dressing like that, but it’s up to the other involved parties to act like human beings and not a bunch of savages/animals.

      Chivalry is not dead, it’s just a little stagnant. 🙂

      Oh, and I came across your blog because it was featured on the WordPress main page. 🙂

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