The Civilian Contractor Casualty Accountability Project

Over at Death Valley Magazine, we’ve got a public service announcement posted about the CCCAProject.  I wholeheartedly agree with this project and wish there were something that was done before this.  Unfortunately, contractors aren’t always looked at on the same level as those in the military.  Contractors also don’t have the same benefits available to them as those in the military do.  I agree with this project and will be doing what I can to help out.  Even if it’s just getting the word out there about it.

The post is talking about the Civilian Contractor Casualty Accountability Project.  Information about the project from their web site:

Some people online have attempted to keep track of Civilian Contractor deaths (most notable for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) as best they can, but these resources are still quite incomplete. And Civilian Contractors who have been killed, kidnapped or are missing in action in other parts of the world have simply not been accounted for outside of some old news articles archived on news sites.
The “Civilian Contractor Casualty Accountability Project” or “CCCAProject” for short will not only account for all of the Civilian Contractors who have been killed in service of the U.S. Government around the world (regardless of nationality) – but also to account for those Civilian Contractors who are Missing in Action, Currently being held as Prisoners of War or Unjustifiably Held in Captivity.

Currently, they’re looking for volunteers in the following area:

  • CCCA Project Researchers
  • CCCA Project Research Coordinators
  • CCCA Project Quality Control Researchers
  • CCCA Project Data Entry and Database Engineer
  • CCCA Project Lead Research Coordinator
  • Logo Design
  • Legal Counsel
  • Board of Advisors Members

If you are able to help out in any way (including spreading the word around about them), head on over and see what you can do.

For more detailed descriptions of the positions listed above or to find out how more you could help, please head on over to their site and check it out.

For more details on Death Valley Magazine, head on over the web site and take a look around.

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