Yard sales

We went to a yard sale today and I’ve got to say, I love me some of those yard sale deals.

We were looking for a few things for when we go camping (yurt, cabin, tent, etc) and we were thinking instead of paying full price for stuff (I hate to pay full price), we’d get stuff at yard sales etc.

Well, we found some decent stuff (sheets, kids sleeping bags, etc), but here’s some of the cool deals I got for both myself and Mitchell while we were out.

My in-laws have this game at their house and my son loves it. So the price was right ($0.25) so we picked it up.  It’s Milton Bradleys Stuff Your Face game.  It had all the pieces and is in good shape

The next thing we found is going to be great for both camping as well as parties and working outside.  It’s the Bubba Keg Big Keg and it was only $2.00.  Wash it out fill it up and enjoy…

We found this gem sitting under a table.  My son saw it and started playing with it and wouldn’t walk away.  So, we decided that $5.00 for a Fisher Price Rescue Heroes Aircraft Carrier was a great price and picked it up.

I found the next two items at “The Dollar Table”.  🙂  One is a Base Ten Starter Set.  I think it’s geared more for teachers in a classroom, but I think it’s a great thing to have for kids at home as well.  It goes over all kinds of different math from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, volume, surface and more.  It’s going to be great when my son hit’s first grade through sixth grade as it covers everything he’s going to need to help him through his math.  Including a 96 page workbook.

This Batman car is pretty cool.  He’s already got a bigger R/C version of it, but this one has a pop open door for his action figures to fit into.  For a buck, it’s a steal.

And finally, I think the best deal I got today was $25.00 for a PS2.  It works, has a controller and all of the cables needed.  Only thing it’s missing is a memory card so I can’t actually save my progress with games till I pick one up.  Which shouldn’t be too bad at a Gamestop or something.

The game cabinet itself isn’t mint condition or anything, but everything works and since refurbed or used game systems at Gamestop or EB Games start around $70.00, I’d say this is a GREAT deal.

I also picked up a DVD for $5.00 (normally $15.00) and a shopping bag of sweaters for $1.00 (some ‘premium’ brands were in it and yes, I did get to choose what they were) that fit me nicely and we got a sleeping bag for my son and a nice sheet and comforter set for camping.

I also got a free sample and tasting of some kind of new ‘healthy’ coffee.  I tried the regular ‘black coffee’ drink and a ‘latte coffee’ drink.  The latte tasted like stale milk and flat sugar, not something I’d normally drink and the black coffee flavor just tasted flat.  The black coffee one also gave me heartburn.  And it’s supposed to be a ‘healthy’ coffee that has caffeine but doesn’t give you the jitters or the bad side effects of coffee.  It’s also supposed to be a non-addicting form of caffeine.  Just my opinion, but I’ll stick to the regular coffee I normally drink and leave that junk to the health nuts.

Oh, I also picked up a nice almost new duffle bag for $5.00.  Can’t beat that. It’ll be great to pack all the clothes in when we go camping or I head up to a friends cabin.

Overall, a decent day.


~ by Normanomicon on September 18, 2010.

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